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We are innovating with a team of qualified dedicated African consultants in diverse domains who are engaged to facilitate business development across Africa.

We are proud of our team and work hard to develop a culture at HEFA Group that is motivating, satisfying and exciting.

People join us because they share our vision of making a real and lasting impact on Africa’s development and also because they buy in to our values and ethics and above all, because they want to be able to make a difference. We bring to you a depth and breadth of skills, expertise, experience, knowledge and professionalism that your organisations could draw upon internally.

We think strategically. We advise managerially. We deliver technically.

We are obsessive about our selection procedures for new consultants and seek to only recruit the best professionals in the business. Our consultants are all proven to have great experience with enormous experience in their fields, derived from their impressive personal career track records and achievements.

We also have a fantastic support network of professionals and partners working to achieve success together. Through their diligence, professionalism and careful planning, our consultants are supported on their projects across Africa, our business grows and prospers and our clients receive the very best standards of customer service.

Our Focus

HEFA group is a business development company and strategic managerial consulting outsourcing provider that specializes in assembling and managing teams of highly skilled advisors who will augment your in-house adding value resources by their business models, strategies and plans across Africa.

We also do representation and specialize in corporate events and tour managements while facilitating trainings.

Africa Market Entry and Expansion Services

The African market offers very attractive opportunities for foreign firms through direct investments or joint ventures. We engage to help foreign firms to find their initial clients and local partner’s across.

Our teams’ domestic and international experience allows us to offer tailor-made services to foreign Firms focusing on developing in Africa.

Strategic Management

HEFA Group Partners provide the major initiatives taken by senior level decision makers on behalf of stakeholders, involving resources and performance in external environments, entails specifying the organization’s mission, vision and objectives, developing strategies & plans, and then allocating resources to execute the policies and plans, projects and programs.

We aim to offer the best team and practices to create significant value for our clients.

Our Vision

HEFA’s vision is based on a broad philosophy of:

  • Trust in our relationships
  • Responsibility in our account management
  • Business oriented global presence in our service
  • Innovation in our way of thinking

Our Values

  • Performance and Results: We focus on creating the best possible results for our clients
  • Integrity and Accountability: We act ethically and take full responsibility of our actions on behalf our clients
  • Professionalism and Responsiveness: Our team members create an efficient and effective work environment internally and also for the joint work we do with our clients.

We work hard to be a remarkable outsourced marketing and new business development company for our customers.

Our business development team are a set of highly experienced new business professionals, experts at delivering your proposition in a way that is compelling, building rapport in a credible way and understanding the prospects objectives through a consultative approach.

We have a dedicated team of communications professionals to ensure that this is actually delivered and not just talked about. This includes reviewing your social media activity, looking at the potential for events/seminars, utilizing thought leadership and unearthing PR opportunities.

What We Do

We are also an integrated business development consultancy group that works with a wide range of marketing services clients.

We have a highly experienced team of growth strategists, business developers and communications managers that deliver innovative, multi-channel new business campaigns. We work with you to develop a clearly defined proposition, and then devise and deliver a growth plan that generates new clients through building your profile and credibility in your target markets.

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