Asset Management

Securing leasing and financing solutions for aircraft operators

ABJAD’s team has a wealth of experience selling commercial aircraft to Airlines and the international financial community, coming from complementary backgrounds in banking, leasing, trading and airline treasury.

We are able to undertake sale and leaseback projects and sales of aircraft with leases attached for investor/owners using our extensive knowledge base and our combined market reach in the investor, leasing and banking sectors.

Aircraft Sale & Leasebacks

We are now focusing our efforts on Aircraft Sale and Leasebacks and other asset based financings for airlines in the Middle-East and Africa and are building our track record in arranging transactions involving Bombardier manufactured aircraft.

We also have transaction in process involving Embraer and ATR, as well as Aircraft from the Larger Aircraft Manufacturers Airbus and Boeing.


Our best testimony (amongst others).

Bombardier Q400 NextGen Ethiopian Airlines

Lessor Palma Holding Limited Places Firm Order for up to eight
Bombardier Q400 NextGen Aircraft

Bombardier Q400 NextGen RwandAir

Lessor Palma Holding Limited Orders Fifth Bombardier Q400 NextGen Turboprop Airliner, Press Release

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